Authenticity Over Everything

Experience the authenticity of each product. 


Discover authenticity with the power of technology.

KOSHA is on a mission to make "Handmade in India" most trusted and respected brand in India and across the world. In this direction, KOSHA has developed a technology-based solution which enables


  • Product authentication

  • Protection of the brand identity

  • Supply chain visibility

  • Deeper consumer insights 


The solution transforms the decentralised craft sector into one large unit and is an opportunity to integrate into global supply chains and expand the market.

The technology-based authentication platform leverages the power of 'Internet of Things'(IoT),  'Artificial Intelligence'(AI) and cloud computing to deliver trust and authenticity for each product.

This robust platform coupled with stakeholder focus has resulted in development of simplified process of adoption.

Leverage new-age technologies to excel in the ever changing business environment

Retailers and Brands

Today, information on brands travels faster than ever. Brands are increasingly vulnerable. With KOSHA's technology interventions you can leverage consumer insights not only to protect your brand but also build it further. Our solutions protect your brand identity, optimize the operations with supply chain visibility and leverage consumer insights across channels. 

Artisans and Collectives

The decentralized craft sector has faced challenges to adapt to modern supply chains driven by technology. KOSHA has developed friction-less solutions for MSMEs in the craft sector. This will offer new market opportunities and efficiencies.


The growing e-commerce sector unlocks new opportunities for the craft sector. Along with opportunities come challenges posed by imitation products to your brand identity. KOSHA's solution protects your brand from counterfeit products and helps gain increased consumer trust and build loyalty.

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KOSHA is the winner of Startup Karnataka's Elevate Call 2 2019 Grant challenge.